Tiger Cub Preschool
The mission of Valley View Community School Early Childhood Education program is to create a safe, positive, and stimulating learning enviroment that provides educational experiences, which support each child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.
Program Details
      The Preschool Program offered at VVCS is a half day educational program for 3 and 4 year olds Monday-Thursday. The program is an inclusive program making it available for individuals with and without exceptionalities. Each classroom is lead by a Licensed Teacher holding their Early Childhood Educator Certification and assisted by highly qualified paraeducators. 

AM Preschool for 3 year olds  7:50am-10:30am
PM Preschool for 4 year old 11:20am-2pm

What We Do and Why We Do It




We work on understanding a calendar, weather, patterns, counting, name recognition, and greeting peers. It is a fantastic way to start off our day!
Centers are teacher-directed activities that are student-centered. They are a small group that rotate with a different teacher or different activity within 15-20 minute time frame. This time allows us to work on fine motor skills, individualize instruction, and work towards achieving personalized goals of each student.
This is a mix of story time, music and movement, and academic activities at the carpet that promote large group learning through guided practice, adult modeling, and peer modeling. This is a great time for gross motor skills.




Letters are an important part of early literacy learning. Introducing letter identification, sound association, and common vocabulary words related to the letters is a great way to start.
Art, Physical Education, and Music are exploratory arts that provide an exposure to different elements of learning. They help with expression, creativity, and exercise.
Snack is a social time for children to expand their knowledge on different foods and practicing their manners.
       The Daily Preschool Schedule includes several opportunities to learn and develop. Each day includes activities and experiences for the children to gain independence, work on their social skills, begin early literacy and math comprehension, practice their manners, and grow in their movement abilties. Listed below is an example of a daily schedule.​​

Morning Meeting
Large Group
​        Play is a KEY part of the early childhood classroom. It gives children the opportunity to explore as they learn in several different interest areas.

Playground/multipurpose room- a way to promote physical development as they learn to jump, run, swing, climb, skip, and help with gross motor skills to build the larger muscles in their bodies

Blocks- a way to build structures using their own creativity with a variety of weights and sizes

Dramatic Play- allows children to step into different roles and recreate real-life experiences

Toys, puzzles, games- learn how to work cooperatively with others, math ideas and concepts, follow directions, strengthen/control muscles in their hands, and explore how things work

Art- an expression of original ideas, while recognizing colors and textures

Sand, water, rice, beans, etc.- explore and experiment with their senses