An Overview of the
​Early Childhood
Special Education Process
  1. The Transition Plan
    Written plan developed and becomes a part of your child's IFSP
    2 years
    Early Supports and Services Coordinator
  2. The Transition Conference
    A meeting or phone call to talk to our school district about whether or not your child is eligible for special education, about making a referral, about program options, and to create a transition plan
    2 years and 6 months- 2 years 9 months
    ESS Coordinator, Preschool Coordinator
  3. Referral
    With written permission your ESS Service Coordinator will send the Preschool Coordinator a referral to consider your child for Special Education eligibility
    2 years and 6 months- 2 years 9 months
    ESS Coordinator, Preschool Coordinator
  4. Disposition of Referral
    A meeting to discuss all information about your child and to see if more information is needed to determine eligibility
    2 years 9 months
    ESS Coordinator, Parents, IEP Team
  5. Evaluations
    The IEP team may decide they need more information on your child and ask permission to evaluate/assess your child. They have 45 days from your written signature to complete these evaluations
    2 years 9 months
    ESS Coordinator, Parents, Child, IEP Team
  6. Determination of Eligibility
    A meeting to determine eligibility based on the evaluations and referral information. This will indicate what services your child may be eligible for and classify their disability
    Before the 3rd birthday, after testing
    ESS Coordinator, Parents, IEP Team
  7. Individualized Education Program Meeting
    An meeting will take place to develop an IEP for your child. This is where we will explain special education services, related services, and determine educational placement
    Before 3rd birthday, within 30 days after eligibility
    Parents, IEP Team
Tiger Cub Preschool
The mission of Valley View Community School Early Childhood Education program is to create a safe, positive, and stimulating learning enviroment that provides educational experiences, which support each child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development.


  1. A signed IEP in place on your child's 3rd birthday, even if it's in the summer
    Invite your ESS Coordinator (or others) to any meeting
  2. Participate in all meetings
    Request an IEP meeting and have that meeting within 21 days of your request
  3. Give or withhold written consent
    Access your child's educational records
  4. Be notified about important decisions regarding your child's education (Written Prior Notice)
    10 days of written notice in advance of IEP meetings
  5. Request access to information 5 days prior to an IEP meetings
    Receive information in a way that is understandable
  6. Be provided with an interpreter or translator, if needed
    File a complaint, request mediation, request a facilitated IEP meeting, request a neutral conference or request a due process hearing